Diploma in videography

Diploma in videography 

Section A     THEORY

Module 1: Introduction to videography.       History of Television and
video .Basic electronics &Video technology  .and latest developments   

Module 2:     Light : Basic principles  and phenomenon  of Light ( Wave length, frequency ….),Additive &subtractive color, colour temperature, photoelectric effect, Chemical property, colour reproduction
Colour vision ,.e.t.c

Module 3:      Optics : Different types of  simple and compound lenses, Focus, Focal length etc.
                                  Different types of lenses for camera, angle of view, image magnification &perspectives e.t.c

Module 4 :     Camera :, Exposure and basic Camera controls , light identification ,Other main  features in Camera , Menu and profile setting ,contrast/gamma,
white balance, depth of field and depth of focus, Image reproduction , IMAGE QUALITY Different types of camera, ,camera accessories ,Filters and their use, filter
factor etc..

latitude, resolution,
procedure-Aperture(Iris),shutter speed,
, e.t.c,  
                                   , , camera in production ,
Module 5 :       Composition & Framing: frame composing Basic shots,
camera position & angle, aspect ratio, ,camera movements, Rule of
thirds , video making and airing, Visual elements, Usage of close up

Module 6 :       Lighting : Basic nature and classification of light
source. Basics  of lighting and lighting methods
               The techniques of  lighting and
controlling light ,lighting ratio , different types light units
&accessories ,lighting for movement
 Module 7 :       Introduction to fundamentals of audio: Source of
sound, Recording sound-mikes &its classification, pitch
–Fidelity-Frequency Response
                                   Module 8 :       Introduction to
fundamentals of Editing: Basic Principles of Editing ,Types of
Editing, Styles of Editing
Module 9 :        Other topics: Introduction to visual elements Tips
to Engineering side , Basics of News, documentary, photography etc.

Module10       Guest lecturing Personality developing  etc.

   Section B                                      PRACTICALS

1: Introduction to various technical features of camera and their
effective usage- (Exposure controls, White balance, focusing , e.t.c)

2:Basic Shot division (ELS –ECU) ,&Camera movements
3: Framing &Composition - camera position &angle ,effective usage of
lens/FL, Depth of field and creating depth of field effect
,Perspective etc].
4: Different types of shots-OSS/OTS,SS,Sjective shots etc &movements
5: Lighting- Indoor sets,Matching indoor &outdoor
6:Structuring a scene through images
7:Shooting for continuity
8:Audiography –selection of mike, monitoing audio levels
9:Editing practices
10:Completing Project.